Workshop: Mastering the Art of Sewing on a Sewing Machine


Woman smiling at a sewing machine

  Let's embark on a creative journey into the sewing world with my immersive workshop, "Mastering the Art of Sewing on a Machine". I take participants from learning to thread a machine to sewing a tote bag they make during this 4-hour class.  Whether complete beginners or those looking to refine their sewing skills, this workshop is designed to equip everyone with essential techniques and hands-on experience using a sewing machine while creating a useful attractive tote!

  smiling man displaying tote bag he created Throughout this engaging and interactive workshop, participants will learn the fundamental skills necessary to confidently operate a sewing machine, giving life to their creative ideas. I guide participants step by step through the process of threading the machine, and the bobbin, straight stitching, and speed control ensuring a solid foundation in sewing machine operation and techniques.

And leaves having created an attractive and useful tote bag!