Stephanie McIntyre

Hi! I'm Stephanie of I am a teacher, and I love to sew. I am something of an evangelist when it comes to teaching other sewers how to sew with recycled leather on their home sewing machines. We are all becoming more aware about how we use our resources and this concern naturally means being conscious of the amount of waste that our sewing can create. I teach people how to Sew Sustainably through my tutorials, and online and in-person workshops.

So what does it mean to Sew Sustainably? It means carefully selecting materials when creating, using recycled materials and fabrics when possible, and being conscious of the overall lifecycle of your creations.

I hope to help home sewers realize how to sew sustainably, particularly with recycled leather, through my courses, patterns and sewing kits. We can all express ourselves creatively while supporting our planet through sustainable sewing practices.