coat used for distressed tan hobo bag

How to Salvage the Leather From a Jacket or Coat

coat that became distressed leather hobo

Most of the time when we stop wearing a coat or jacket made of leather it's not because somehow the leather is worn or has become unattractive.  It's most likely because it is out of style.   

So why not take the jacket or coat or even leather pants apart so that you can reuse the leather in a purse, wristlet or tote?

Here are the steps to follow when taking apart a leather jacket or coat. To salvage the most leather follow these steps: 

  1. Remove the lining: Start by removing the lining of the jacket, being careful not to damage it. This will allow you to access the inside of the jacket and see how it is constructed.

  2. Remove any embellishments: Next, remove any embellishments, such as buttons, zippers, snaps, or patches, that are attached to the jacket.

  3. Take off the sleeves: Carefully cut the sleeves off the jacket, as close to the shoulder seam as possible.

  4. Remove the collar: Take off the collar by cutting it from the jacket, being careful not to cut the leather too close to the edge.

  5. Remove the back yoke: Cut the back yoke from the jacket, being careful to remove it in one piece if possible.

  6. Remove the front panels: Cut the front panels of the jacket from the side seams, being careful to remove them in one piece if possible.

  7. Remove any remaining pieces: Finally, remove any remaining pieces of the jacket, such as the pockets or the cuffs, being careful to remove them in one piece if possible.

Distressed leather hobo

By following this order, you should be able to remove the leather from the jacket in large, usable pieces. You can then use these pieces to make new projects, such as a purse or a wallet. It's important to mention that you should use sharp scissors and a cutting mat to avoid damaging the leather and to work slowly and carefully.  Take your time and you will be able to give a 3rd life to the leather!

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